September 15 – Surfacing Briefly

Yesterday morning I slipped away from my desk and chores and managed to get out to Potter Marsh, braving the wind and a bit of rain.

The birds seen were Trumpeter Swans (12) bobbing along and wiggling to stir up the mud, usually closely followed by Mallards looking for tidbits from the swans’ efforts, Green-winged Teal, American Wigeons, a couple Greater Yellowlegs, and resident birds, including Black-capped Chickadees, Black-billed Magpies and two adult Bald Eagles.

IMG_0269 (2)IMG_0270 (2)IMG_0311 (2)

Both yesterday and today I noticed a bit of new “termination dust” (the snow that was there earlier had melted) but so far the snow does not seem to be staying on the mountains visible from our house.



Birch trees in Anchorage are definitely beginning to turn yellow and leaves are beginning to fall and be blown about.


The amount of daylight has been decreasing by over 5 minutes each day. In a week, there will be 12 hours each of dark and light, and then we’ll be racing toward increasing darkness. And the snow will come closer and closer. Sigh.

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