September 13 – Commas and Jays

I thought it would be good to surface again on my blog. For the past many days I’ve mostly been facing west – facing west at my computer working on my manuscript, punctuated periodically by facing west out the backyard windows and porch door to see what birds are around. Every now and then I allow myself to crochet a few stitches on my next shawl.

On the manuscript, I long ago went through the detailed comments of the reviewers. Since then I’ve been re-reading and revising, primarily following their more general suggestions, and hoping to remedy concerns regarding commas, repetitiveness, verbosity, clarity and the like. The goal is to get it off to the publisher so they can review it and my comments on how I’ve responded to the reviewers and can decide if indeed they are willing to publish it. Fingers crossed (although it’s hard to type in that position).

It’s been very windy the last couple of days, blowing the birds and seed around and blowing the porch rug as shown under the hungry jays on the back porch. The garbage can is where their peanuts are stored and the weed-whacker handle is where they often sit as they work at cracking open the peanut shells. Because they are so quick on taking most of the peanuts away to hide them, they spend much time just sitting on the porch waiting for me to bring them more peanuts.

The final picture shows our backyard fireweed patch as it begins to turn fall colors.


Now, back to work.

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