July 10 – Lake Hood White-winged Scoter and Continuing Birds

This morning I went to Lake Hood for a brief look-around. Before I post my photos of other birds, I need to post a picture of the White-winged Scoter. There had been a Surf Scoter at the lake (and maybe still is somewhere), which is what I assumed this bird was when I saw it. I took a few photos without even looking at the bird. When I got home I realized that I had found a White-winged Scoter ! I guess I need to pay more attention sometimes.

IMG_1662 (2).JPG

I also took photos and videos (again; I can’t resist) of the tame Red-throated Loon at the lake, including a few close ups of its head and neck. As can be seen from the video, it came near me, almost touching the dock where I stood at the end. Amazing!

IMG_1512 (2)IMG_1519 (2)IMG_1520 (2)IMG_1521 (2)IMG_1526 (2)IMG_1530 (2)IMG_1533 (2)

Finally, it does appear that Red-necked Phalaropes nested at Lake Hood. Today there were five of them (dwarfed by a duck in one of the photos). Four were out a ways, at least three of which looked like immatures. Another, a parent-type bird, the male I believe, was not happy that I was standing near one of the planes (I have received permission from the plane owner to be there). I have gone to the same place every couple of days and never been scolded before by either of the phalaropes, which have just ignored me.

IMG_1601 (2)IMG_1604 (2)IMG_1620 (2)IMG_1626 (2)

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