May 10 – More Cranes and More New Birds for the Year

This morning I birded at Westchester Lagoon and the nearby coastal trail, Potter Marsh, Lakes Hood and Spenard and the Point Woronzoff area in Anchorage. The birch trees are leafing out in a beautiful delicate green.

Sandhill Cranes were along the coastal trail (4) and near Lake Hood (3).

New year-birds that I have not yet photographed this year were four Rusty Blackbirds flying by at Potter Marsh and a noisy Red-throated Loon at Lake Hood. Also new for me for the year were Tree Swallows flying around Potter Marsh and one that perched for me near Lake Hood.

IMG_0615 (2).JPG

Other birds photographed were Mew Gulls, a Northern Pintail with a Gadwall, a Barrow’s Goldeneye, Northern Shovelers, and a begging Common Raven at Point Woronzoff.

IMG_0465 (2)

I am also including a short video of the cranes (a bit wiggly unfortunately, but shows all four cranes walking around) and another of a croaking Black-billed Magpie.


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