April 6 – The Early Mallard Gets the Tortilla

That’s what the two Mallards found when they arrived in our back yard in the half light at 6:30 this morning and looked around for food. They preferred the cracked corn however.

IMG_0360 (2).JPG

The day was filled with ducks and new birds. At Spenard Crossing this morning, in addition to the Mallards and Common Goldeneyes, there were a couple of Northern Pintails, at least four Common Mergansers, a Ring-necked Duck and a couple of Gadwalls.

The Trumpeter Swans reported yesterday were not at Spenard Crossing this morning but came back later today and I saw them tonight.

IMG_0506 (2).JPG

Just before noon I walked the Coastal Trail north of Westchester Lagoon and saw the Glaucous Gull reported the last couple of days by Peter Scully, but after it and a raven had a little battle, it disappeared and I did not get a photo.

IMG_0421 (2)

At Ship Creek I had a single fly-by Glaucous-winged Gull and many hybrid gulls. Bohemian Waxwings were everywhere, over the creek, and later over our house, apparently catching airborne insects so there must have been some kind of hatch.



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