February 20 – Snowy Day 4 of Great Backyard Bird Count

Enough already! Shoveling snow and clearing snow from steps and bird feeders and car have become twice or thrice daily required chores. Wake up and it is snowing, it snows much of the day and it’s snowing as we get ready for bed.

After my first shoveling and cleaning of the day I headed for Potter Marsh. The usual Common Ravens were along the drive in. Along the boardwalk was a single Black-billed Magpie, Black-capped Chickadees and Common Redpolls. At the end of the boardwalk I scanned carefully for eagles but saw nothing but snow on their nest and no birds. As I was about to head back, the sudden sound of an eagle rang out. I scanned again, and there were two Bald Eagles mating! My picture just caught them afterward.

At home the Common Redpolls were out in more than the usual numbers, spread out over most surfaces where I had put seed. There was no sign of the Sharp-shinned Hawk.

There were also a couple of Pine Grosbeaks, the usual magpies and Steller’s Jays, and a very unhappy Common Raven. The latter first tried to pull suet off one side of the feeder on the porch railing, then hopped to the other side, where I took a video of it just complaining, probably because there was no suet on the far side of the feeder where the raven seems to prefer to eat. Unfortunately at first I was not able to get my blog site to upload the video, and then when I previewed it, it looked like the video uploaded many times; however, if it really is there, the blog will not let me delete the multiple copies. It’s anybody’s guess what will appear when I publish this. I apologize if you get multiple copies of the video.

I think I’m beginning to get very sick of the constantly falling snow, pretty though it is.


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