February 8 – First Talk on my Alaska Big Year

Late this afternoon I will be driving to Palmer, about 45 miles from our house, to give my first talk on my Alaska big year to the Mat-Su Birders. Tonight I will be able to learn if the talk is too long (unlikely to be too short) and will ask if people have suggestions for changes or if they note any errors in the PowerPoint.

It seems like most of what I have been doing all year so far is putting together PowerPoint presentations on my big year and for the eight classes I am doing on places to bird in Alaska. Now I finally have begun to have time to organize and begin writing about my Alaska and Texas big years. I also have just started a second painting for the year (the first was the mountain and Bald Eagle painting). Copies of both are below. The just-started new one of course is sort of like a Rorschach test – right now you can make it into many different things.

Bald Eagles 17.jpg


While I did not take many pictures yesterday or today, my favorite is that of a Red-breasted Nuthatch that came to one of the suet feeders yesterday. Usually they zip over to a feeder and leave before I get a chance at a picture, but yesterday the nuthatch actually seemed to pose for awhile.

IMG_0129 (2).JPG

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