January 1 – My Blog Will Continue (2nd post for Jan. 1)

What am I going to do in 2017 now that my big year is over? Quite a few things that relate to birds as listed below, and I will continue to blog about them, but not necessarily every day. Oddly enough, I have two blog posts today (the other is a thank you post posted earlier today), so some of you needlessly bemoaned the end of my blogs.

First I will continue to bird (probably nearly every day this year and every year). This year I hope to spend more time with birds that interest me, watching, photographing of course, and video-taping, but not being so obsessed about finding new year birds (I still hope to chase birds that would be new for my state list) and definitely not travelling as much as in 2016. Today I started my 2017 year list, which will be a medium year at best and not a big year. Today’s first bird species was a small flyover Mallard flock as we drove home from church. So far I am up to 11 species for the year. Pictures taken today are below, including Black-capped and Boreal Chickadees, Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers,  Black-billed Magpies (14 of them seen at once!)  and Steller’s Jays (first one here today was “Beaky”), and Common Redpolls:



Other things planned for 2017:

2) Paint, especially birds, but also Alaska landscapes, which were so stunning in my big year;

3) Write a book on doing big years in the two biggest states, Alaska and Texas, a project that I have begun but still is really in the planning stages;

4) Put together PowerPoint talks for the Ole! class that I will be doing in Anchorage on places to bird in Alaska and birds that can be found at each area (8 weekly sessions, each featuring a different part of the state, beginning January 12);

5) Put together a PowerPoint presentation on my Alaska big year. I am scheduled so far to talk to the Mat-Su and Anchorage bird groups in February, to two Texas groups in April and to the Kenai Bird Festival in May, and would welcome the possibility of scheduling other talks during the year (no charge but if I need to fly there I always welcome help on the cost of transportation and lodging);

6) Try to figure out how I might sell some of the zillions of bird-paintings that I have previously done so I have room to put the new ones I hope to create; and

7) Keep blogging – I love to show and tell others how wonderful (cute, amazing, bizarre, special, you name it) birds are!

Good birding everyone in 2017!



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