January 1- Looking Back & THANKS!

This is the first of two blog posts today.

I don’t often spend much time looking back – it’s too much fun to plan things (like big years) and look forward! But today, I want to thank those who have helped me and who have birded with me this past year. I am including pictures in this post of those I was able to photograph, arranged in random order (by WordPress). I also thank others who have helped me, welcomed me to their part of the state and encouraged me. I know I will leave out many including of course all those whose pictures I did not get, but THANKS TO ALL of you who were part of my Alaska BIG year and to those who followed it on my blog and on Facebook!

As far as I (and others) know, 287 was the previous record of number of species of birds seen in one year in Alaska, but I understand that the people who have done previous big years here have mostly not been quite as intentional/fanatic about it as I was. My total for the year was 307 species. I could not have done it without a lot of help from a lot of people. Now I challenge you other would-be big year birders in Alaska – get out there and beat my record! I’ll help you if I can. You have 364 days left if you start right now!




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