December 25 – Christmas Day in Anchorage

Not so oddly, the birding today seemed pretty much like a non-Christmas day at two of my usual winter haunts. First was Spenard Crossing, where highlights were the color contrast of the slightly melted stream flowing through the ice, a noisy Hairy Woodpecker (or maybe two), Black-billed Magpies squawking at something that I could not find, and the ever-patient Mallards waiting for handouts. Also, a very cute squirrel munching contentedly was fun to watch.




IMG_7357 (2).JPG




I again drove out by the airport, where the scenery was the highlight – very few birds.



IMG_7365 (2).JPG

PS. Please note, that I know life goes on after a big year, and so will this blog (as you can see by my changed title on the blog pages), although I undoubtedly will not be posting so regularly. The blog will also, of course, not be my daily reports on my big year once January arrives but will be about what I’m doing next year. What I expect to be doing is painting (birds mostly), doing PowerPoint presentations for the 8 classes I am doing on Alaska birding areas (the weekly classes beginning on January 12 are offered through the adult continuing education program here in Anchorage, called Ole!) and for the talks I will be giving on my Alaska big year beginning in February, and on progress that I hope I will be making on the book I hope to write in 2017 on doing big years in Alaska and Texas. I’ll be busy!

307 species so far (and one more week!)







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