December 19 – Barely Birding

I guess I’m falling down on my self-appointed (non-paying) job of birding and blogging each day during my Alaska big year. As I vowed in late 2015, I have done at least a little birding each day and have blogged each day this year (except when I had no signal). Today’s birding, however, was minimal at best. My glances out the window, in between my various non-birding tasks, did not reveal much activity. The weather was warm, mid-20s, and snowing on and off. Birds were mostly elsewhere and I did not go out looking for them. I enjoyed looking out the window at yet another beautiful day.


Those that I did see and photograph included a couple of the handful of Pine Grosbeaks rooting through the snow for seeds.

IMG_7138 (2).JPG

IMG_7143 (2).JPG

A few Black-billed Magpies were also around,

IMG_7146 (2).JPG

as were a couple Steller’s Jays, including “Beaky”, who doesn’t have a complete beak but seems, although a big scruffy, to get by.

IMG_7141 (2).JPG

307 species so far, and only 12 days left!

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