December 8 – Many More Magpies

I went to Spenard Crossing (Anchorage) for a short while this afternoon. It was fairly cold (mid-teens above zero) and most of the creek was frozen.



There were large flocks of American Robins (no other thrushes found) and Bohemian Waxwing flying about over the bridge when I arrived, but they headed off shortly after I got there.



I could hear distant magpie and raven sounds so I walked downstream to see if they were fussing over an owl. When I got there, a single Common Raven was periodically croaking. In the same tree as the raven and in a couple of nearby trees, there were at least 24 Black-billed Magpies squawking and flying about but seeming to ignore the raven. They seemed more to be chatting with each other than to be scolding or upset about anything.


IMG_6549 (2).JPG

On the walk back to my car, it was silent in the woods, and I only saw a couple of munching red squirrels.


Because of the cloudy skies, it seemed almost like evening, although it was only about 2:30 when I left the area. There are only about 13 days until the days slowly but surely start to get longer.

307 species so far

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