December 7 – Multiplying Magpies

I only did yard-birding today. The morning began with Bohemian Waxwings perched high in birch trees in the back yard, apparently eating the tiny birch seeds that are numerous. The waxwings reappeared a couple of times during the day.

Steller’s Jays also came and went, including the amazing “Beaky” with only half a beak but doing well.

The Pine Grosbeaks were mostly not around, with only three females showing up a couple of times.

At first the Black-billed Magpies were around the yard in ones and twos as usual, hopping on the porch, eating from the dog food bowl placed out for them, and sampling other feeder areas. I got the idea late in the day to clear the snow off our frozen outer birdbath and put mealworms and dried fruit there, hoping the waxwings might come down. They did not do so, but the magpies immediately discovered the new treats, and they told all their friends. By around sunset, there were at least three and usually more magpies at the new feeding station all the time, and the feed had disappeared. I added more mealworms and fruit, and more magpies, up to nine at a time, were chowing down, with lots of squabbling and fussing. I may have to rethink this feeding station idea.




IMG_6536 (2).JPG

307 species so far


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