November 30 – Yard Birding Between Trips

I just did yard birding today to give me time to do chores, unpacking, laundry, and repacking for tomorrow’s trip to Nome. Today’s temperature started out below zero but slowly made it to 10 or so as I recall. Although there were not many birds in the yard, the ones that came were eating up a storm. The Steller’s Jays emptied the peanut jar a couple of times.



The Pine Grosbeaks visited the porch, the seed on the ground and the seed in the feeders.


The Black-billed Magpies seemed particularly hungry hopping on the porch and on the ground for seeds that fell or were thrown there, visiting the mealworm feeder, and trying to get seeds from the covered little feeder where they really are too big to fit.


IMG_5958 (2).JPG

IMG_5960 (2).JPG

306 species so far


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