November 8 – Sunset Birding in Anchorage

A few hours after photographing a Pine Grosbeak in our yard today, I did a short birding drive.

IMG_4004 (2)a.jpg

It wasn’t even quite 4 pm but the mountains, city and trees were lit slightly by sun coming through the clouds and then beginning to glow with yellow sunset light.







I drove out to and past Point Woronzoff and through some of the Turnagain streets in Anchorage. Birds seen and photographed included a Common Raven, a European Starling (which I have never had in my Anchorage yard), and Black-capped Chickadees. Also seen were numerous Black-billed Magpies and Boreal Chickadees.

IMG_4013 (2)a.jpg


IMG_4020 (2)a.jpg


I have no real plans for birding away from Anchorage in the near future, but I am contemplating a number of possibilities. Again, stay tuned.

303 species so far


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