November 4 – Barrow Day 2

Yesterday and today were very similar. We drove along the ocean to the base of the point in Barrow, walked out to the edge and scanned the water until we were too cold to do more, got back in the rented truck, drove to another overlook, watched awhile and repeated, taking breaks to get  lunch from the store and eventually going back to our rooms at dark. And the results were the same each day – no Ivory Gull (and no Ross’s Gull for those wanting them).

We also posed for more photos in our spare time but I was unable to put them here in spite of trying over and over again.


I did get photos of some of the 14 very distant polar bears and finally was able to put one here.

IMG_3500 (2).JPG

Tomorrow, my last day in Barrow, we are hoping to find someone who can take us out to the point where maybe other gulls are hanging out.

302 species so far

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