October 21 – Snowy Anchorage

My first snow of this winter season was quite a big one earlier this week in Juneau but today’s in Anchorage was even bigger. We woke up at 5 am to a winter wonderland and by mid-morning we had about 7 inches in the driveway of heavy wet snow. Not good for the back. I had all sorts of activities today, including a midday talk about St. Paul Island (and its birds of course) at the Univ. of Alaska and a client deadline and more snow shoveling when I got back from my talk. So due to my schedule and the snowy roads I did not go somewhere away from home to bird today.

The snow was and still is beautiful. It hangs on the branches wetly. It will probably require a brisk wind to dislodge it or continuing warm weather.







Two of the Steller’s Jays came by when I was home, one of which fed from my hand and the other ate mealworms. I call the latter “beaky” because of its missing upper beak. It has been coming around for over a year and appears otherwise quite healthy and eats peanuts and mealworms regularly. I expect if the snow stays around the birds at the feeders will become more numerous.




Tonight I fly to Sitka. More on that tomorrow.

301 species so far


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