October 20 – Anchorage Lake and Stream Birding

I went to Spenard Crossing today, thinking fondly of the appearance there during the winter of 2014-15 of Purple and Cassin’s Finches. They would nice to add to the House Finch on my list for this year, but it did not happen today.


At Spenard Crossing were the usual chickadees and Red-breasted Nuthatches in the woods. The Black-billed Magpies, as usual, were bathing in the stream and preening after their baths.



On the lake at Spenard Crossing I was surprised to see big white butts up in the air among the Mallards – 20 swans, probably all Trumpeter but they were quite a ways out from where I was so Tundra might be possible.



At Spenard Crossing and at Westchester Lagoon there were also Common Goldeneyes. At the Lagoon, there were also Buffleheads and a Common Merganser (or so it seemed – I never saw it’s full head or beak). Most of the diving ducks were far out and mostly they were diving, but every now and then I was able to get a picture of one before it dove.






One more day of local birding and then I head out for a couple of days. More later.

301 species so far


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