October 11 – Beautiful Anchorage Sunrise

For the second morning in a row I got to see a beautiful sunrise today, this time in Anchorage as viewed from our living room window.


My dreams last night changed my birding plans today. I kept dreaming about finding a Dusky Thrush last night, first at some unrecognizable location that in my dream I knew was in Barrow, and then at a location in Anchorage. Driven by the dreams, today I explored some neighborhoods and parks in Anchorage where I had hope of finding fruit-bearing trees that might attract robins, and maybe a lost Dusky Thrush or two. I did not find any robins or thrushes at all, but had a fine time birding and I found many trees that had potential.



I also saw the usual Mallards at Spenard Crossing, the males looking more like decoys than living ducks.


The Bald Eagle was in same spot as at my last visit to Spenard Crossing.


I also went to Cuddy Park, the site of a wandering Palm Warbler last year. Today the little cattail pond had a partial light coating of ice and there just were a flock of Common Redpolls, a single Black-billed Magpie and lots of fuzzy cattails.



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