October 8 – Ross’s Gulls in Barrow

A very good day.


After I saw many Long-tailed Ducks, as well as King Eiders and at least one Common Eider, a Pacific Loon, and an arctic fox, and watched the over 500 Glaucous Gulls still eating whale, I finally  saw the first ROSS’S GULL of the day (and of the year) at 2:03 and a couple of small flocks after that. If the gulls go according to the pattern I’ve seen in previous years, there should be more tomorrow and many more on Monday. I will probably miss the big push, but all I needed for my big year was one bird. And I even got some blurry photos. I hope for better pictures tomorrow. Life is good.



299 species so far

2 thoughts on “October 8 – Ross’s Gulls in Barrow

  1. Ken Knittle October 9, 2016 / 5:24 pm

    Any idea what # 300 is going to be? A shearwater? Leach’s Strom-Petrel? I have been trying to follow your Alaska Big Year–Super exciting! Ken Knittle in Vancouver, WA Life ABA member.


    • Lynn E. Barber October 9, 2016 / 10:33 pm

      I don’t know. Most ferries are ceasing running and seabirds are heading out. Possibly Ivory Gull or McKay’s Bunting in November if they go where they are “supposed to” go. Or some rarity that shows up somewhere and stays long enough for me to see it.


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