October 1 – A Day for Swans

I began the day (after taking a picture of our beautiful sunrise) working a booth at our church’s fall fair, during which I painted a couple of pictures of birds while I waited for someone to buy my bird-related stuff (greeting cards, prints of my paintings and my two books). I painted a Trumpeter Swan from a photo taken last week at Potter Marsh and a Horned Puffin from a painting taken a couple of weeks ago at St. Paul Island.


trumpeter swan 16.jpg


When the fair and supper were over, I went out to Potter Marsh to see if the Trumpeter Swans were still around, and they were – 27 of them, including 2 immatures.





In addition to swans in the larger marsh (and uncounted puddle ducks), along the boardwalk at Potter Marsh were a dozen Mallards, a handful of Green-winged Teal, a pair of American Wigeons, a Bald Eagle, a Hairy Woodpecker in exactly the same area as the last time I was at the marsh, and Black-capped Chickadees (not photographed).






Tomorrow afternoon I am planning to drive south to bird in the Kenai area for a couple of days.

297 species so far

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