September 19 – Day 6, St. Paul

It was more of the same birds and wind today, although the wind has been more south/south-west. We monitored the seas, all the ponds and cliffs and ravines and crab pots, etc. etc., and have been waiting for the birds to appear.


On the bright side, there is more time to take pictures when the birding is less frenetic. The pictures below (presented in the order they were taken) show: some of the 18 Brant seen, a mostly hidden Savannah Sparrow, one of a few Wandering Tattlers seen today, a Rock Sandpiper, Red-faced Cormorants, a Lapland Longspur, Stephan Lorenz (our leader today), a young King Eider and a fur seal.



IMG_0796 (2)a.jpg IMG_0833a.jpg

IMG_0839 (2)a.jpg

IMG_0844 (2)a.jpg



IMG_0887 (2)a.jpg


I believe that winds tomorrow are likely to be similar to those today. Hopefully they will bear birds to us.

295 species so far

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