September 16 – Windy but Good Birding

Today on St. Paul Island was a day of wind, rain, rainbows and sun, with only the wind being a constant. The direction of the wind has changed a bit, however, and is expected to go even more westward, which is the desired direction most likely to bring in Asian migrant birds. No new birds today, however.


IMG_0524 (2)a.jpg


Highlights for me included another two fly-by views of a Jack Snipe, during the first of which I actually got some in-flight photos that fuzzily showed the gold-striped back and the short beak (short for a snipe, anyway).

IMG_0401 (2)a.jpg

IMG_0404 (3)a.jpg

In the same marshy area where the Jack Snipe was found we got very close views of Red Phalaropes (not red at this time of the year).

IMG_0455 (2)a.jpg

We also had good but distant views of a King Eider perched on the rocks.

IMG_0496 (2)a.jpg

As usual on St. Paul in the fall (actually late summer), we had good views of Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and Pacific Wrens.

IMG_0536 (2)a.jpg

IMG_0531 (2)a.jpg

Also as usual at this time of year, we had good views of fur seals, some cute and some just sleepy-dopey. Many of them seemed often to have very human-like expressions.


295 species so far

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