August 16 – Anchorage, and Planning Ahead

I birded this morning with Mary Ann and Bob Bjornsen who are on a multi-month driving trip from Colorado through Canada to Alaska and back.


We went to Potter Marsh first where we were entertained by a young Bald Eagle stuffing itself on dead or dying salmon. There were also a couple of noisy Belted Kingfishers and the usual cluster of Greater Yellowlegs and Mallards.

IMG_8601 (2)A

IMG_8612 (2)A

IMG_8615 (2)A


IMG_8598 (2)A

IMG_8599 (2)A

We then went briefly to Westchester Lagoon and the nearby trail where there was another Bald Eagle, another two Belted Kingfishers, two fly-by Sandhill Cranes and the usual ducks and Canada Geese.

IMG_8622 (2)A

IMG_8626 (2)A

At home my leisure activities have mainly been feeding “my” Steller’s Jays and trying to figure out what to take on my upcoming trips to Juneau/Ketchikan/Gulf of Alaska pelagic, St. Lawrence Island (Gambell) and then St. Paul Island. The guest room, soon to be cleaned for a guest, is the current site of disarray and planning. The jays come to my hand (and water and feed) on the back porch. I will post more pictures of them on Facebook and on eBird.

IMG_8527 (2)

IMG_8585 (2)A.jpg

IMG_8589 (2)A

289 species so far

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