August 15 – More Anchorage Sampling

I spent some time today just enjoying the sunny and quite birdy day. Our yard was busy with birds including at least seven Black-billed Magpies at the feeders and fence and birdbath. One of the young magpies sat on the porch, probably wondering why the Steller’s Jays spent so much time there.

IMG_8455 (2)A

I checked out Cuddy Park where Canada Geese and Mallards are still regularly congregating even though the city is making great efforts to discourage people’s feeding the birds. I was surprised to see an unspotted Spotted Sandpiper working its way across the grass amid the Mallards.

IMG_8467 (2)A


IMG_8473 (2)A

At Spenard Crossing a Red-breasted Nuthatch surprised me by coming within two feet of me at it investigated nearby branches for insects. As with our yard, Black-billed Magpies were common and splashing in the water on the warm day, and a Belted Kingfisher was periodically diving into the water from various vantage points. There was yet another Solitary Sandpiper for my year-observations. Most of the fireweeds were completely done blooming and were covered with fuzz.

IMG_8482 (2)A.jpg

IMG_8484 (2)A

IMG_8501 (2)A

IMG_8499 (2)A


My final birding stop was Westchester Lagoon and the nearby trail. In addition to the many scaup and mallards, near the trail there were a few American Wigeons and one of the many Red-necked Grebes. Far out on the mudflats were about 55 loafing Bonaparte’s Gulls, two wagging-tailed Spotted Sandpipers, dowitchers, a few Hudsonian Godwits and the previously reported and very difficult to see American Golden-Plover.

IMG_8509 (2)A

IMG_8526 (2)A

IMG_8520 (2)A

289 species so far

PS. Please note that yesterday’s blog post has been corrected with respect to the raptor being chased by a Merlin.

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