June 13 – Back in Ketchikan

This morning Steve, Louann and I walked around the town of Hyder and were able to see again a few of the rarities that we had seen earlier in the trip, including the Black-throated Gray Warbler and the Willow Flycatcher(s). We added a new bird to our trip list (total of about 82 species for the trip) when we found a very out-of-range Black-backed Woodpecker. The bird was not interested in letting us get good photographs but you can see part of it in the photo below hidden behind the leaves.

IMG_3463 (2)A

Other photos today: an American Redstart, Barn Swallows perched together, an interestingly plumaged Northern Flicker (2 photos) and a black bear rummaging at the Hyder dump.

IMG_3441 (2)A

IMG_3450 (2)A.jpg

IMG_3490 (2)A.jpg

IMG_3492 (2)A.jpg



Just before noon we departed Hyder in a seaplane as we had arrived. This one had more of its space for passengers (7 instead of 4) and less space for cargo than when we came to Hyder 4 days ago.


I will bird tomorrow in Ketchikan with Louann and then head to Juneau for a few days of birding, hoping that there is something around to add to my year-list.

270 species so far


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