May 19 – Adak, 5th and Last Day

This trip has been a great trip. I especially want to thank Aaron Lang and Scott Hauser, our leaders from Wilderness Birding Adventures, who provided birding expertise and leadership, as well as fun, to make this trip great. And special thanks to Robin, Aaron’s wife, who fed us so wonderfully.

IMG_0531 (2)

Today we explored many of the same areas where we had gone earlier in the week, getting much better views of Aleutian Terns, more views (and sometimes pictures) of Semipalmated Plovers, Ruffs, Common Snipe, Marbled and Ancient Murrelets, as well of the more common birds such as Green-winged Teal (mostly Eurasian crecca), and Rock Sandpipers.

IMG_0456 (2)AIMG_0434 (2)A

IMG_0500 (2)A

IMG_0512 (2)A

IMG_0439 (2)A

IMG_0522 (2)A

Toward the end of the day we drove up to an overlook where we could better see the layout of the town and surroundings.


I am now back in Anchorage. Tomorrow I drive to Kenai to be part of, and speak at, the Kenai Birding Festival. I very much enjoyed my time there at last year’s festival and expect to enjoy it this year too.

194 species so far


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