May 18 – Adak, Day 4

We started the day walking the marsh area where we had seen Ruffs and Common Snipe this week, and we saw them again today. Again, no photographs. In addition to birds we also noticed a beautiful clump of the tiny alpine azalea.




During the walk a single Cackling Goose flew over (I am told there normally are many of these in Adak). Of course Bald Eagles abounded.

IMG_0149 (2)AIMG_0225A

Later we had a couple of Wandering Tattlers, at least four Pacific Golden-Plovers and about three Parasitic Jaegers. The Bar-tailed Godwits were still there, 17 today, and we were able to walk across the mudflats and get very close views.

IMG_0236 (2)a



IMG_0258 (2)

IMG_0371A (2)

IMG_0372 (2)A

Black Oystercatchers were found on a couple of the rocky shore areas.


My new bird today was RED-FACED CORMORANT, two of them in nonbreeding plumage, with four Pelagic Cormorants.

IMG_0417 (2)AA

Tomorrow is my last day at Adak (at least for this trip).

193 species so far

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