May 8 – Anchorage Birding

Apparently I brought a few raindrops with me from southeast Alaska, but just a few. The rain was light and infrequent. My birding was to a few favorite spots this afternoon.


First was Potter Marsh. Green-winged Teal were still all over. A Wilson’s Snipe burst out of somewhere and went heavenward, calling, calling and out of sight. Violet-green Swallows had arrived since I was last there. Arctic Terns were close to the boardwalk, periodically diving into the water. I did not find any new migrant warblers or flycatchers yet.




I then went to Westchester Lagoon and part of the nearby coastal trail. At the Lagoon were the usual gulls and terns and ducks (Northern Pintail below) and geese. There were Red-necked Grebes. A few Greater Yellowlegs and dowitchers were in the shallow water behind the lake. I don’t think I had previously seen a Common Loon on the lake, but there was one sleeping not too far from the pathway.







All in all a nice afternoon of birding.

168 species so far


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