May 7 – Peep Show (etc.)

Lately wherever I have birded in southeast Alaska, the “peeps”, primarily Least and Western Sandpipers, have been everywhere there’s water, which is pretty much everywhere.


This morning Patty Rose and I walked the dike trail at the Mendenhall Wetlands in Juneau. It did rain on and off but there were actual periods without rain. After hearing a Killdeer to start our walk, we were accompanied by American Pipits for ten minutes or so.


In addition to peeps in every puddle and slough and wet area, there were ducks, most notably a female Hooded Merganser (seen here with a female Bufflehead). There were also geese – a flock of some 250 Greater White-fronted Geese and 1 Snow Goose (see if you can see it in the picture).





About noon I headed to the airport, where I learned that my flight to Anchorage would be delayed an hour or so. Our takeoff and flight were uneventful and we flew over extensive show-capped mountains, but our landing was not uneventful. The plane was almost on the ground when suddenly we were headed upward at a steep angle. Apparently the runway had another plane on it where we were supposed to go. Oops. We circled around and the real landing was fine.


Now I’ve got to figure out where to bird until I head off to the Kachemak Bay birding festival in Homer next weekend. After that my schedule is just too complicated to remember – birding everywhere almost all at once, trying to get all those migrants before they disperse all over the wilds of Alaska.

168 species so far

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