Apr. 23 – TEXAS Birding Break, Day 5

I’m at the Austin airport, having given a second talk on my new book at BookPeople, sponsored in conjunction with Travis Audubon Society. The picture below, taken by Joan Marshall, Exec. Dir. of Travis Audubon, is of Shelia Hargis and Frances Cerbins of the Travis Audubon Board and me in the middle.

2016042395144710 (1)

My birding today was with Debra Corpora and was limited to a couple of spots in Rockport this morning, and fly-by birding as I drove from Rockport to Austin. The Rockport birding began at a new Aransas Pathways site, Tule Marsh West, where it turns out a couple of my photographs have been used in the signage (permission given of course).


IMG_7811A  IMG_7813A


After that we went to another relatively new spot, the Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary that we’d visited before. We did not have time to see many birds but we did see a splotchy Summer Tanager. And that’s it for Texas for a while. Now it’s back to Alaska big year birding.



TEXAS only, but back soon in Alaska

One thought on “Apr. 23 – TEXAS Birding Break, Day 5

  1. Ann Gilmore April 24, 2016 / 2:42 pm

    Nice photos of you!


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