Mar. 29 – Potter Marsh Yet Again

004I keep hoping for new birds to arrive, and I keep thinking that Potter Marsh would be a really great place for them to arrive. But not today.


Today was a nice day at Potter Marsh though. There were a few Black-capped Chickadees calling, a flyover Bald Eagle, a pair of Mallards and three Common Mergansers. One of the Black-billed Magpies approached its huge nest from below. My picture shows how tiny the bird is compared to the nest above it.


The three Trumpeter Swans were still at Potter Marsh. Just like with Bald Eagles, there is something about Trumpeter Swans that makes me take nonstop pictures of them. I think it’s the gracefulness of their necks and their graceful movements, at least when they are on the water.




Tomorrow I have to think of somewhere else to bird, however. Although the birds somewhere else probably will also not be new for the year, maybe I can choose a new place, or at least a place that I don’t bird every other day.


124 species so far


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