Mar. 24 – Bathing Beauties

I only had an hour or so to bird today. I went to Spenard Crossing, not expecting anything new and not finding anything new. Along the path and along some of the river the ice is rapidly disappearing or has already disappeared.


The Mallards were right where they have been for months, on the ice and in the water next to the ice. There were Common Mergansers and Common Goldeneyes, as well as the usual chickadees.



Although the presence of multiple Black-billed Magpies was not new, the frenzy with which four of them were bathing was remarkable and I watched and photographed them for much of the time I was at Spenard Crossing. They were beautiful before, during and after their splashing.

003A  009A

012A   014A


I’m hoping to head south for a short trip tomorrow, so maybe I’ll find something interesting to write about.

123 species so far

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