Mar. 20 – Vigil

Although I have walked out by the Anchorage Airport at dawn a couple of times without success, I have it on the best authority that Short-eared Owls have been hunting the Anchorage airport grounds lately.



Tonight I did a vigil at the spot from which the owls have been seen by others. I had gone out there earlier this afternoon to plan exactly where I would position myself for my vigil, and had seen a couple of non-owl birds.



For my evening vigil, I was there from just before 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. It was a lovely evening with quite a nice sunset. It was interesting watching the planes come and go, but birds there were not. I will try again of course, and if I don’t see Short-eared Owls in Anchorage, I have been assured that I will indeed see one this year somewhere in Alaska. Meanwhile…

123 species so far

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