Mar. 18 – Early Birding in Anchorage

With my mind on the recent reports of Short-eared Owls seen at the Anchorage airport, I drove out there substantially before dawn this morning. While constantly scanning the airport hills, I walked along the airport fence and watched the sun come up and turn to day without seeing or hearing a single bird of any species. Even driving the road back and forth a bit after the sun rose, there still were no birds to be seen.


On my drive back toward town, I did see a Northern Shrike, and I stopped to take pictures of the Anchorage skyline.


I spent some time at a couple of parks, ending with Spenard Crossing, where the usual passerines were around, plus Mallards, four Common Goldeneyes and two Common Mergansers.




I decided I better stop birding and run a few errands and pack up gear and warm clothing for the upcoming evening of birding as part of the Anchorage big day that starts at 5:00 pm tonight.

123 species so far

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