Mar. 1 – A Bit of Anchorage Birding & More

In addition to catching up on a few things after my trip to southeast Alaska, I did manage to find a little time today to bird in Anchorage. I went once again to Campbell Creek Estuary Nature Area and walked the trail. It was a cloudy day with the sun making an effort to come out. As I looked out across the flats at a fairly low tide, I finally saw a couple of birds, Mallards. In addition to the Mallards, there was a single Black-billed Magpie, a single Common Raven, a single Red-breasted Nuthatch, and a few Black-capped Chickadees.





The excitement of the day was not birds though, but a mother and a half-grown moose just after sunset, munching in our neighbors’ yard tonight on the south side of our house. It’s been a while since we saw them in our neighborhood, but since the snow has melted there is much more vegetation around from them to eat. Last I saw them, they were both lying on the neighbors’ lawn across the street, having grazed on the grass there before it got completely dark.

118 species seen so far (birds)

IMG_0363 from camera


One thought on “Mar. 1 – A Bit of Anchorage Birding & More

  1. Ed Clark March 1, 2016 / 11:07 pm

    Hi Lynn,
    Nice Work!
    1 March and 118 species.
    You’re well on your way. Spring is just around the corner.
    Ed Clark

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