Another blog experiment

This time I’m trying to put text around a photo or two, one of which of course shows birds.

Pine Grosbeaks

These are photos this week taken from our windows in Anchorage. Winter is definitely here. All of the feeders are topped with snow, as are the branches. IMG_1736[1]The weather, while wintery is mild by Alaskan standards, today standing at just under 20 degrees. I understand, however, that there’s a blizzard off the west coast, so it will probably be much more like Christmas at Christmas.

At least the latest snow allowed us to get our new snow blower out for the second time.IMG_1748[1].JPG

In the middle of all the snow and darkness, it is good to periodically stop and see the sun when it appears. It actually does that every now and then.

IMG_1734[1].JPG  IMG_1750[1]

One thought on “Another blog experiment

  1. Kiri December 15, 2015 / 5:53 am

    I just read your ABA blog post and am excited to follow along with your Alaska Big Year! Best of luck!


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