Planning and more planning

Planning takes a variety of forms. Until now most of planning for my 2016 Alaska big year has been basic review of birds that might be found in Alaska and where and when I might find them and lists. All of a sudden, however, I realized that January was almost here and I needed to be a bit more specific in my planning. I need to make actual travel plans, including actual reservations. The only ones I have made so far are for some of the must-go-to spring spots – Adak, St. Paul, Gambell, Nome. But there are 5 months between now and then, and lots of potential birds to see before then. So, yesterday I looked into flights to Juneau and Ketchikan, and hopefully tomorrow I will bite the bullet and commit to particular dates and flights. It’s always so hard because sure as fate as soon as I do that I will learn that I really need to be somewhere else then. The hardest thing about planning big years is balancing commitments, including getting a place on particular flights, with spontaneity (and more costly last-minute flights or lack of ability to get the flights that I want). The closer the new year gets, the harder it is for me to sleep as visions of birds (not sugarplums) dance in my head.

Species seen so far in big year: 0

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