September 26 – Nome Miscellany – from Roads to Rainbows (9/17-9/21)

…and things in between.

In my first post about this trip I showed scenes along the three main roads leading out of Nome, but very little of any of the three main roads themselves was shown. So, below are representative photos of what some of the roads looked like, some smooth, some littered with little or big depressions, some seen through raindrops on the window or disappearing into clouds ahead, none paved. Some of the most curved roads are not shown – I dared not stop to take pictures through the window or to get out.

Along the roads, in addition to trees and mountains and birds, sometimes there were mammals to be seen and photographed, which on this trip was limited to a few distant ground squirrels, reindeer and musk oxen:

IMG_0605 (2)

IMG_0935 (2)


The next group of photos is of rainbows. While not much rain fell on me or my vehicle during this trip, there was often rain all around, and the sun was visible, resulting in rainbows, some very beautiful. These photos are of the most brilliant rainbow on the trip. It was fun to play around with camera settings in my attempt to maximize the colors that could be seen in the pictures as well as to show the scenery.

I was going to end with rainbows, but I’m going to throw in a few sunrises for good measure:

My next trip isn’t until the end of October, when I will certainly find that things have changed dramatically, both the scenery and the birds. I will be giving a talk there on November 1st about my Alaska big year of birding.



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