September 8 – Nome Birds and More (Aug. 26-Sept. 1)

Finally I’m getting around to posting more bird photos from my last trip to Nome. Although in Alaska most little birds have raised their babies and fled by now, the loons (Red-throated and Pacific) were still around Nome often with flightless young in tow.

Same thing with Common Eiders, some of which had very tiny young.

Same thing with the ptarmigans that I was able to see along Teller Road, but the young I saw could fly, and did.

The flocks of geese were gradually increasing – just a few Brant, but larger flocks of Cackling and White-fronted Geese were around.

IMG_0919 (2)

IMG_1599 (2)

I did find a couple of my hoped-for Nome birds for this trip – Boreal Chickadees (3-4) in the spruce trees near the end of Council Road (near Gray/Canada Jays, new for the area on my last trip), and Sharp-tailed Sandpipers (with similar Pectoral Sandpipers) on Safety Sound.

IMG_1766 (2).JPG

IMG_1910 (2).JPG

The main non-bird activity around Nome was musk oxen, all over the place, and not just in the places that I had found them earlier.

IMG_0521 (2)

IMG_0091IMG_0522 (2)IMG_0605 (2)IMG_0607 (2)IMG_1299 (2)IMG_1305 (2)

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