March 17 – Non-green St. Patrick’s Day

Things are, as expected, very white here now. We’ve had a break from new snow, with melting, slush, messy muddy roads as some of our piled-up snow slowly sinks down, but more snow is expected tomorrow night, I understand. The birds around our house, as well as on the few local birding jaunts that I’ve recently taken, are also those that are expected. We wait for spring, but at least the daylight hours almost equal the nighttime hours.

Birds photographed around our house include Red-breasted Nuthatch and Downy Woodpecker.

IMG_0100 (2)

IMG_0103 (2)

Probably due to the Northern Goshawk that was in our yard for a few days weeks ago, the Mallards from then until yesterday only came down before dawn and after dusk. So, no photos that weren’t dark. But yesterday, although they were very easily spooked, they came down when it was quite light out. As I typed this a large flock of Mallards was circling the yard gain trying to decided if it was safe. Not only do they have worries about the Goshawk, but of course, every now and then our dog is out in the yard, and he loves to chase ducks.

Places visited in Anchorage lately include Potter Marsh,

Spenard Crossing (birds in photos are Red-breasted Nuthatch, Mallards, Common Goldeneye),

Point Woronzoff,


and the Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Are, where there were beautiful mountain views across the inlet.

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