December 28 – The Redpolls Are Coming, the Redpolls Are Coming, Again

Yesterday and the day before there was just a single Common Redpoll briefly at our feeders. Today there have been anywhere from 20-30 of them the couple of times that they were around. Usually they only have stayed less than 15 minutes before all taking off. Last winter, their numbers in our yard increased to about 300 at times, and then in spring precipitously dropped to 80 and then 2 and then none. I hope their numbers are huge again this winter, so that they again cover all available surfaces upon which I have put seed. It’s looking good so far.

IMG_0121 (2)IMG_0126 (2)IMG_0127 (2)IMG_0129 (2)IMG_0130 (2)IMG_0136 (2)IMG_0138 (2)IMG_0142 (2)

Often when the redpolls were around today, the Pine Grosbeaks were too, up to 8 of them.

IMG_0117 (2).JPG

IMG_0119 (2).JPG

And of course, the Mallards continue to come. I have to be careful to only put out food for them after we’ve gotten our dog back in the house. Otherwise, he munches up all the duck food.

IMG_0133 (2)

As is clear from some of the bird photos, the feeders and trees are beautifully covered with rime ice from yesterday’s fog. Each of the last two days has begun at a 1 degree temperature, without much improvement during the day. Winter is definitely here (but I understand that Rapid City, SD, where we used to live is even colder than here in Alaska!).




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