December 21 – Solstice Stuff

Officially the sun rose in Anchorage at 10:11 this morning and set at 3:38, but in reality I never saw it at all this cloudy day, except the clouds did go wonderfully pink about 9:30. Now begins the slow day-by-day increase in minutes of daylight.


Birds around our yard are the normal winter ones. Photos below are of some of the 4-6 Pine Grosbeaks that have been periodically in our yard, one of the Red-breasted Nuthatches that is often on our porch, and one of the Steller’s Jays gorging itself with peanuts. The end of the video of the jay is blurry but you can still make out the jay’s picky process of peanut selection.

IMG_0205 (2)IMG_0218 (2)IMG_0220 (2)

IMG_0224 (2).JPG

The final photo is of my newest prayer shawl, which has remarkably similar colors to the sunrise pictures shown above, although not once when I was working on it did that thought cross my mind.

IMG_0235 (2).JPG


One thought on “December 21 – Solstice Stuff

  1. Nancy December 22, 2017 / 4:08 am

    I enjoy your birds (your feeder birds would all be unusual for us here in PA, except for an occasional red-breasted nuthatch). I also love how your prayer shawl is the colors of your beautiful sky! How wonderful to have that connection now when you use it. Thank you for sharing!


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