November 26 – Minus 6 Degrees!

It most definitely is winter! On Friday (11/24) when it was “just” minus 3 degrees and there were hardly any birds around I thought they had all left. But yesterday and today they are back in our yard chowing down enthusiastically, even though the temperature is below zero most of the time.


The favorite feeder for many of them seems to be the suet feeder hanging on the nearest birch tree, as shown by the pictures below of Black-capped and Boreal Chickadees, Downy Woodpecker and Black-billed Magpie.

IMG_0096 (2)

They also will eat at other feeders, of course.

IMG_0081 (2)

On the porch, the logs with peanut butter are also loved by the Downy Woodpecker and Red-breasted Nuthatch, and the nuthatch also makes the rounds of other feeders.

IMG_0107 (2)IMG_0125 (2)

IMG_0051 (2)IMG_0055 (2)IMG_0057 (2)

IMG_0047 (2).JPG

The Steller’s Jays still prefer the peanut feeder, although they will eat various other seeds.

The Pine Grosbeaks usually eat sunflower seeds from the various feeders out in the yard, but have also started coming to the porch feeder area on the railing and on the porch floor.

The Mallards also are still eating sunflower seeds that I provide for the grosbeaks, as well as the cracked corn and duck food that I throw on the ground and put in dishes. They are starting to come for meals three times (or more) a day. How does one have just a few Mallards around?

IMG_0060 (2)IMG_0070 (2)IMG_0071 (2)IMG_0072 (2)IMG_0073 (2)

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