October 25 – Amazingly Warm

It’s 46 degrees and it’s not yet the “heat of the day”!

Yesterday was just above freezing and that seemed warm enough, considering it’s Alaska. The “sunrise’ was beautiful but nothing like it was a couple of days ago.


There were four Pine Grosbeaks in our yard yesterday, first two males and later two females.

IMG_0093 (2).JPG

In the above photos where the ground can be seen, one can see that yesterday the snow mostly remained. Now (10:30 a.m.) it looks like this:


Rain, daily rain, is forecast, I understand. The ground is now frozen so driving and walking may be grim soon. And then, more snow will surely come to cover the ground again – for many, many months no doubt. Sometimes it’s rather nice to NOT be doing a big year. There’s no need to get out there to chase a bird or to hunt for new birds for the year. I can just look out into the yard and see what there is to be seen.

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