July 4 – Green, Green, It’s Green They Say

Mid-morning today I went to the Campbell Creek Estuary Natural Area. There were not too many birds singing or evident. Mostly it was just so beautifully green. The last few days of rain have cleaned off everything and enlivened all the plants.

Out on the green grassy tidal flats I only saw two adult Sandhill Cranes, mostly silent.

On my walk, Lincoln’s and Savannah Sparrows scolded me (photos of latter).

At home, baby birds and their parents continue to be in abundance, including Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers (not photographed today), Steller’s Jays, Pine Siskins, Dark-eyed Juncos and European Starlings (sadly they are now numerous, even though I had none of them until this year).

IMG_0456 (2)

IMG_0600 (2).JPG

IMG_0624 (2).JPG



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