May 18 – Things Continue Ducky

Because I am heading down shortly to Kenai/Soldotna for the Kenai Bird Festival, this post will be short. In addition to birding every day somewhere because it’s birdy spring in Alaska, for the last two days I had the fun of helping out at Outdoor Week at the Campbell Science Center, showing 6th-graders what fun birding is and helping them learn about birds and birding.

At home almost every day we still have a pair of Mallards coming down to our back yard, eating and drinking and hanging out. Usually sometime during the day we also have a single male and/or a single female duck around, but have no way of knowing how many ducks in total are coming to our yard. In any case, it still is fun to have them around.

Come join me this weekend (starting today) at the family-friendly Kenai Bird Festival. There are great field trips each day, and Saturday night I’ll be talking about my Alaska big year.

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