April 19 – Port Aransas Birding

Debra Corpora and I birded in Port Aransas (Texas) today, including at the Birding Center, Paradise Pond, the 361 Wetlands, the Willows south of Port A, and Charlie’s Pasture.

The first highlight was the continuing Purple Gallinule at the Birding Center that appears to have zero fear of or even any awareness of humans. It approaches and walks by, grazing on the seeds of the guinea grass, sometimes climbing the branches of a mulberry so it is at grass-seed level and can munch the tops of the 2-3 foot high grass stalks.


Other highlights, as usual, included the multiple Least Bitterns and the Common Gallinule (Moorhen) nest also at the Birding Center.

At Paradise Pond a very close Roseate Spoonbill feeding in the shallow water was one of the highlights, as well as all the other close-up birds such as a Reddish Egret. At the end of this post is a video I took of the Spoonbill.

There was an American Redstart at Paradise Pond and another at the Willows.


At the big covered area at Charlie’s Pasture, Barn Swallows were building a nest.


Back at the Birding Center there was at least one Rose-breasted Grosbeak (not as brightly colored as some).


And back at Paradise Pond, the Spoonbill was still feeding.

A great day! Tomorrow I drive to Beaumont/Port Arthur to give my Alaska big year talk at Golden Triangle Audubon, and to bird of course!

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