April 15 – Texas Coastal Bend Birding

I wish to thank Ann Hoover who hosted me for the Fort Worth Audubon meeting and Debra Corpora my Rockport host.

I birded in Port Aransas and Rockport (Texas) today, and saw about 60 species, which is more than I’ve seen all year so far in Alaska. I was going share some of my videos of skulking and feeding birds but they took too long to load. Maybe when I’m back home I’ll try that again.

There was not much migrant activity today but since I had not been to Texas earlier this year, everything was new for my state year list. Highlights for me were numerous Sora rails and multiple Least Bitterns at the Birding Center, a continuing Magnificent Frigatebird at the pond across from the Post office and a Summer Tanager male at Paradise Pond.

In Rockport I went to see one of the Sooty Terns that was reported among the Laughing Gulls and Black Skimmers.

Tomorrow I plan to bird north of Rockport a bit.

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