April 3 – Mallards and Birds in the Hand – Redpolls

Those were the main birds today. The Mallards were around some this morning, again this afternoon and then this evening. Sometimes they seemed to be fully paired up. Other times there was much fighting going on and uneven numbers of males and females. Each time they arrived they mostly just wandered around the yard and ate and poked their beaks at each other, and then they flew off.

This morning there were not many redpolls around and they were not very hungry. About suppertime, however, more arrived. Their food was mostly gone that I had spread out so I thought I’d try again to see if they were hungry enough to land on my hand to get some seeds. At first they just flew off when I got close to where they sat on the porch, but when I went out again later they apparently decided that food was more important than their concern about me. At times I had 6 or 7 sitting on my hands, my jacket, and a couple of times, on my head. What fun! I had asked my husband to try for a few pictures, and he did. It’s just too hard for me to hold the camera steady with one hand while there are birds on the other hand.

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